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"Kyle Utsumi participated in the growth of women's water polo in the Bay Area, coaching it at every level . . . When he talks, people listen."

Rick Eymer, Palo Alto Online Sports

July 22, 2016

There’s another story that connects this U.S. Olympic team to the past.

First-time Olympian Kaleigh Gilchrist finished [Sydney's Silver Lining] during the knockout rounds this week. She said the stories of O’Toole-Purcell and other pioneers influenced how she felt wearing her gold medal Friday.

“There’s so much more that goes behind the medal, hard work, sacrifices and the commitment we have and standards and values,” Gilchrist said. “It’s amazing, those girls who were part of the 2000 group and even the women that came before them need to know the gold medal is as much ours as it is theirs. They really set the standards of USA Water Polo and pushed the sport. We are feeling all the benefits from their time.”

As a current women's water polo coach, knowing the history puts what I do on a daily basis into historical context. The book also gave me ideas to adopt into my coaching and reinforced things I am already doing. I am also extremely appreciative to all the players and coaches that have come before me, that have made my job possible today.

- Doug Wright, Davis Water Polo Club/ Davis Senior High School

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